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RC Second quarter

  • 39 m²
  • Saint-Petersburg

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As practice shows, the complexity in implementing a project is often on a small area where each metre has to carry its function. Moreover, the owners of this apartment are a young, progressive family which rationally disposes of its time and resources.

This is one of our smallest but favorite projects.
As you may have guessed, the main criterion of this apartment was to keep as much space as possible while taking into account the need for a large number of storage places.
We have been able not only to achieve spaciousness, but also to increase the visual size of the apartment as a whole, through proper zoology of the rooms in light shades, and intelligent design of hidden storage systems.

Panoramic windows which make the atmosphere naturally energized and airborne, have played an equally important role.
And since we have touched eternal elements like air, we will also talk about the heart of this interior solution - fire, as a bio-fireplace, as a symbol of a home hearth.

This project we called a place of tranquillity, on one of the busiest streets of Saint-Petersburg.
You will ask: «And all this is only on 39 m²?» And we will answer you - for the creator who loves and lives his work, there is nothing he can't do!

  • Repairs and rough materials: 17 241€

  • Furniture and finishing materials: 36 782€