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RC Four Horizons

  • 71 m²
  • Saint-Petersburg

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Starting any project, MAD Team acts as a kind of psychologist for the customer. Over the years, we have already built up our system in identifying real needs and in defining the unique yet inconsequential style in our projects.
Main tasks here were: organize places for storing of things and realize the main dream of the customer - beautiful and multifunctional wardrobe, further more, add comfort and refinement in the main place of stay - living room.

Based on our extensive experience, we have planned several lighting scenarios. So the built-in Infiniti system has perfectly helped us bring comfort and highlight leading trends of modern housing. Warm and powdered tones are ideal for young and determined girl - our wonderful customer and reflect her individuality in this delicate and modern project.

I would like to point out that we create implementable projects for a rich life in absolute comfort. Our stylistics allow us to design houses for people all over the world. Each project is a manifestation of functionality, aesthetics, man-oriented design in the spirit of modern times.

  • Repairs and rough materials: 18 391€

  • Furniture and finishing materials: 61 494€