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  • 89,5 м²
  • Moscow

Next project

Our new project is a luxurious apartment in central part of Moscow. The interior combines refinement, individuality and comfort, which creates an unparalleled effect.

The main creed of Mad about interiot is working with the best furniture brands and premium materials. The focus of this project was a soft band led by Minotti, in the leading colors of 2021 - impeccable sulphur and luxurious brass gold.
As we move into the depleted zone, we feel an atmosphere of luxury and restraint at the same time. This zone removes the chandelier from Terzani Argent, which floats in the air, swinging its hosts' warm light like moths on a light.

The mission of our studio is create a new quality of life. Considering the abundance of options and concepts, we gradually realize dreams on the way to perfection - the interior corresponding in all aspects to the way of customer`s life.

  • Repairs and rough materials: 43 678€

  • Furniture and finishing materials: 195 287€