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RC Black River

  • 81 m²
  • St. Petersburg

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What should be a modern apartment for a young family with a child? MAD about interior studio will help you understand what you need and how to realize your dreams of a cozy and functional nest.
Based on the basic wishes of the customer, we separated the bedroom from the common areas, despite the complexity of this event in the house of the old foundation. We also paid special attention in this project to the nursery, which fully meets modern trends with an exclusive approach.
Despite the simplicity of the design, at first glance, I would like to note that the basis of everything elegant lies in the little things, so in this project you can observe the main trends of the 21st century: various textures in the design of a furniture group, wall decoration and the choice of decor. The amenities for relaxation and comfortable stay within these walls, together, allow you to spend time wisely and, most importantly, combine collectible design, natural materials and a unique discreet style that will be relevant through the years.

  • Repairs and rough materials: 20 690€

  • Furniture and finishing materials: 68 851€

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