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RC Vasilievsky district

  • 144,8 m²
  • Saint-Petersburg

Next project

Introducing our new project in the developing region of Saint-Petersburg.
The interior is decorated in warm beige tones pleasant to the eye. It brings you to dissolve into textures and become whole. Bright accents - antique sculpture, harmoniously complementing the interior until logical completion.

We paid special attention to the exclusive floor covering, which was developed by our studio itself especially for our customers.
Why the attention to the gender? It’s so trivial? You can just put a parquet and a tile, but only few people think that we most often see the floor throughout our lives, walk on it, and use it all 100%.

Given a specific family with two children, we have come to the conclusion that floor coverings should be durable, wear-resistant and naturally elegant, thanks to natural premium materials. The non-standard setting of the parquet board and harmonious transition to ceramics is the basis of professional design thinking of our team.

We paid special attention to children: abundance of invoice coatings, furniture sets in gentle tones and a key part of the project - cork covering for a young figure skater to practice jumps on it.
An incredible desire to tell you every detail and share our emotions while we were creating all that beauty. The feeling of gratitude and happiness radiated by the customers is our main aim.

We are happy to bring new positive emotions to your life and to improve the quality of life by creating a dream apartment as a place of energy for development in all spheres.

  • Repairs and rough materials: 47 126€

  • Furniture and finishing materials: 224 138€