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Madina`s Bogatyreva Interior design studio

Unique interior from idea to realization

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Our advantages


We make your dreams come true

We turn ideas into reality and design stylish and functional interiors for apartments, houses and commercial premises. Our main purpose is not just to show you a comfortable space for living and work, we turn ideas into reality!


We work with the best in the business

In the implementation of projects, we use modern design trends, premium materials and exclusive branded furniture. Moreover, we develop our own sketches of furniture for individual orders.


VR Technology

We will help you to choose a place and create a memorable corporate identity for your office, restaurant and other commercial premises. We know how difficult is it to evaluate a working interior using only 3D visualisations, so we also design with using virtual reality technology, so that you could see the future designed place with your own eyes in all details.


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Our projects

Work process

Process Work

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 Contracting

We are working with a formal contract with fixed deadlines.

2 Measurements

Doing measurements of the object with binding of existing communications.

3 Filling the technical requirement

Spelling in details and fixing all your wishes for coloring, functional function, furniture and finishing materials.

4 Layout of the premises

Thinking up a comfortable layout of the premesis for live and work.

5 Creating photorealistic 3D visualization

You will see the future interior of your apartment before the construction has began.

6 Developing blueprints

Preparing all blueprints for the project realization.

7 Choosing furniture and materials

Complete the object with furniture, plumbing, light and clean finishing materials with a predetermined budget.

8 Supervision the construction

We offer an additional service as author’s supervision after the completion of the design project.

Founder of the studio

Madina Bogatyreva

Welcome on our page of Mad about interior studio!

My name is Madina Bogatyreva. I’m a certified specialist of interior design, supervisor and studio’s inspirer. I`ve always loved to travel and discover something new. Since I`ve linked my life with design, my love for new countries and cultures has become my personal inspiration and a huge resource of professional knowledge.

No matter which city I go to, I aspire to learn local architecture and know about it as much as I can. Everytime I notice how space is created, which materials are being used, how it affects on the whole atmosphere, which sense it has. All this helps me to generate ideas in my work and realise them.

Personal consultation


Design of residential interiors

34€ /m²
  • Designer`s site visit
  • The measurement plan
  • Planning solution
  • 3D-visualisation
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Complete design project
55€ /m²
  • Designer`s site visit
  • The measurement plan
  • Planning solution
  • 3D-visualisation
  • Construction drawings
  • The bill of materials
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All inclusive
90€ /m²
  • Designer`s site visit
  • The measurement plan
  • Planning solution
  • 3D-visualisation
  • Construction drawings
  • The bill of materials
  • Filling and supervision
  • The construction control/Author’s supervision
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Design of commercial interiors
  • — Analysing the target audience
  • — Creating the unique desing project concept
  • — We will choose high quality materials, furniture and decoration
  • — We will calculate the cost of the project
  • — We will make your dream come true

Offices / Business areas / Boutiques / Beauty salons / Entrance groups

from 33€ /м² Calculate the cost


from 36€ /м² Calculate the cost

Restaurants and bars

from 41€ /м² Calculate the cost

Planning apparsail

Buying a property for yourself or a business, everytime, has many facts to consider. Don’t expect any sudden problems in the future, use the service of our architects and designers.

From 58€
  • We`ll fill out detailed specifications.
  • We`ll deal with bearing walls and the possibility of further remodeling, according to HS&R.
  • We`ll check your facility for all necessary communications.
  • We`ll tell you about all problems, which may appear during the whole construction and tell you how to avoid them.
  • If you are not certain, we'll help you to find ideal premise.
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Mass media about us


The most eloquent of all are the studio’s works. We have identified 5 young Russian interior design studios in Saint-Petersburg, whose projects whose projects have been noted by design and repair experts.

More November 26 2020

International exhibition of architecture and design «Architect Today».

More June 15 2021

We take an active part in the leading awards in the sphere of design and architecture, so very soon there will be something new for you.

More June 15 2021

You will seen this information very soon...

More May 7 2021

You will seen this information very soon...

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Our staff


The team, which creates your dream

Our employees can offer comprehensive solutions for your tasks

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Company staff

Anna - Project manager

Anastsia - Design department manager

Maria - Complete department manager

Darya - Visualization department manager

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